Newbie here!

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Just a short introduction and to say hi to the forum. I live near Stamford in Lincolnshire. Not got a Cube yet but would like to soon (looking at the 2nd gen). Have been looking at loads of photos to learn more about the different changes through the years. Oh, and I've never driven an automatic in my life! Looking forward to getting to know more about the forum, its members and the cars!<br>Best wishes<br>Jim :)<br>


  • Glad you've made it in at last!
  • Thanks Terry! I still have the tag in bottom left saying I need to confirm my email address. I set my account settings to notify me by email of responses, which haven't come through, probably because I can't confirm my email address! Are you able to help sort this out?<br>
  • Fingers crossed thats got it but I'm no expert so if not I'm a bit out of options unfortunately.
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