My BZ11

Just wanted to put a couple of pictures up of my car. I've had it about a year, and been doing some maintenance and sorting electrical problems. Recently I put the Mini wheels on, front fog lights and surrounds, and it's had a double-DIN Android head unit go in as well. Love the car and intend to keep tweaking and upgrading it bit by bit! So long as rust doesn't claim it...


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    Looks great the black always I to am keeping till the end I have clocked up 230000km still love the pointing and laughter I bring .and more so when I tow my caravan
  • looks nice, hope it brings you many happy miles of motoring!
  • I love the thing, can't imagine towing a caravan behind it though! Mental! If it dies eventually I will miss it badly...may even have to get another one to replace it in that case!
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