Gen3 service time

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Ok, so after 3 years it's about time I gave the cube some tlc under the bonnet. Going to change plugs, oil and filter and air filter. It's currently on 57000 miles and was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for owt else for that mileage.


  • Brake fluid change and air con regas?
  • Don't tell me you've not changed the oil, filter or plugs in 3 years? Really?! I change mine every year without fail, on every vehicle I own. Admittedly I do quite a few miles, whereas you may not do, but still, 3 year old oil must be like mud! Definitely check your belt condition in case they're a bit crispy or frayed. I might think about power steering fluid as well, just to keep it tip top?
  • Embarrassing as it is, never got around to it
  • Oil, filters and plugs ordered so will be like a new car soon enough. The other stuff mention will be checked after that. Cheers.
  • A lad works with our lass who is going to do the air con for 20 quid.
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