Steel wheels for Gen 2 Nisssan Cubic

Currently running some nice alloys on some FAB ice and snow tyres on my cubic. 03 Gen 2 BZ11. Virtually new tyres fitted in Japan, but no good for summer running.<br>Time to change the wheels, but don't want alloys, would rather have some black 16 inch steels. On a budget,so would like to do it on the cheap! have been told that lots of different car model wheels will fit, but don't want to make a mistake? Anyone know what car wheels will fit? Assume Micra and Note? but think some ford and renault might fit too?<br>Budget tight at moment. Would rather buy cheap steels and fit really good summer tyres. any thoughts welcome. Many thanks.<br>


  • It will be the same as the "normal" gen 2 Cube, which is 4x100. Offset is the bit that "depends", as the width of the wheel will change how much it pokes out by. But anything with 4x100 stud pattern will go on, provided the offset is sensible.
  • dont forget the centre hole dear boy 
  • Thanks both. What centre hole?<br>
  • The locating hole in the centre of wheel not too sure 60/61 mill how ever you can measure your own one
  • I always forget about that. The centre hole bore is 60.1mm, and standard wheel size was 5Jx14 ET45 on the front and 5.5Jx15 ET50 on the back.<div><br></div><div>If the centre hole on the wheels you want are too small, you can get them machined out, if it's too big then you can fit spigot rings to fill the gap. If it is too big, don't just leave it and rely on wheel bolts! They're not strong enough to do that and WILL break at some point.</div>
  • Thanks for your advice, in the end have found some black alloys that we like, so we are waiting for them to be delivered and will report back soon. <br>
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