Front Subframe bushes

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My 2009 LDN Cube 1600 petrol has just failed its Mot because the front subframe bushes are worn. All attempts to aquire new ones have proved fruitless. Any information from anyone who has experienced the same problem would be greatly appreciated. My name is Ray and I live in Cornwall.<br>


  • main stealer i,m afraid, bet they havn,t got any either.<div>unless they fit other nissans.</div><div>good luck.</div><div><br></div>
  • Thanks icecube, tried our main dealer Town and Country Motors, they just want to sell me a complete subframe for £500<br>
  • check ebay for the bushes they are available.<div>fronts are easy enough to do so long as you support the front of the subframe when removing & re fitting.</div><div>rears are a garage job, get them & check your local garages.</div><div>do all have to be replaced ?</div><div>i did my fronts when i replaced my front wishbones as they had a bit of play.</div><div>main dealers are great ,quoted me £450.00 to replace stg column u/j</div><div>didn,t even ask or look at the car,got it done with new part fo £30.00 elsewhere.</div><div><br></div>
  • You might be able to get the bushes from japan from Peter Grice on facebook. either that or see if there is a polybush company somewhere local that may be willing to work through pushing the old ones out and pushing in hew once they've dimmed the holes.
  • Their is a company call robush up here do all kinds of bushes just need to know the sizes
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