No aftermarket rear left cable!

Well, in my previous post regarding my latest bit of cube bother, I mentioned I need a rear left brake cable for my gen 3 but cannot find one anywhere. After several failed attempts from the garage owner (a trusted mates mate) I had a bash myself at sourcing one. It came today and you've guessed it, rear effing right! It would seem that the drawings are messed up so every aftermarket rear left cable is actually rear right, forcing me to go through Nissan for a ridiculous £168!


  • Hi fg I used these guys when I got stuck brilli
    ant. may be to late for you
  • I'll get in touch with them and have a chat. Haven't ordered through Nissan yet so fingers crossed. Did you have the same problem?
  • I did with Jen 2 cannot remember how much but well less than the Steelers
  • Hey toaster, just want to say cheers for the heads up on speedy cables, they came good at 54 quid (that's including vat and delivery), which is 114 quid cheaper than dealers were going to sting me for. How do they sleep at night. Anyway, shouldn't tempt fate as It's not going in until sat.
  • That's good thanks for update its good to help fellow cubes out
  • Cable on and sorted. Still can't believe something as basic as a rear left brake cable could be such a chow on.
  • Good boy nice to help keep it square
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