Tried to use LED tail light bulbs, now no tail lights!

Hi guys,<div><br></div><div>I had a blown reverse bulb on my gen 2, so I replaced the stop/tail, indicator, reverse/fog lights with LEDs. The indicators flashed quickly (as expected), but I noticed my brake lights stopped working. Now after removing the stop/tail LEDs for incandescent bulbs, I have no stop/tail at all! I can't see how I've done this - have I blown fuses? I can't seem to find stop/tail and brake fuses either...</div>


  • I guess you lone were the stop fuse is it may pair up with another fuse named as some other .please check all fuses in the white box under bonnet
  • Well that was simpler than I expected - blown fuses for left and rear tail lights, plus brake lights. Strange it took out the circuits, and that I lost all sidelights, but some new fuses and I'm back in action, albeit without LEDs! May try again another time now I have spare fuses...
  • Turns out one of the LED bulbs I had was internally shorting. I obviously managed to swap the bulb from one side to the other while troubleshooting and blew both fuses. Oops.<div><br></div><div>Does anyone know if an "LED compatible relay" can be put in for indicators? I hate the big, hot load resistor plan for retro-fitting LEDs without the fast flash, there must be a better way!</div>
  • Ok question! I got bored the other night and ordered an LED relay. Where is the flasher relay located on a gen 2? I hoped it would be easy to find in the column, but it wasn't...
  • This may be a problem as a lot of cars run a flasher timer and a normal relay however I look in to this Romo on my gen two
  • Yes I believe the LED relays have much lower current throughput - mine is a 30W unit. Considering it has 6x bulbs to light, that isn't much, but then 5W power per LED bulb is quite a lot still. So the rule is, change all your bulbs to LED and then fit the relay I guess!<div><br></div><div>But where does the relay live?! I had a good look under the dash again last night and no luck :-(</div>
  • well mate I believe that the flashing is controlled by the dash control unit which is in side the dial cluster and the body control unit and also the idpm and I believe its is all solid state have a look at pic in this post on the main site HOPE I AM WRONG
  • I fear you may well be correct. I had a look at this myself and couldn't believe there wouldn't be a relay somewhere. All the wiring diagrams seem to show it coming straight from the BCM to the indicators themselves, no relay in the way. I may have to put a big, hot relay in the way somewhere if I want to "go LED" after all :-( Thanks so much for your help, as always, you are a hero!
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