Help!!! 2003 Cube - raising suspension....

<div>I have a 2003 Cube 1.4 BZ11. I wanted to put the car back to standard suspension as it was too low, but obviously the original parts are not available in this country.</div><div>So after looking at the forums, opted for the Micra K12 front suspension setup. However its sat just as low as it was before. Can anybody shed any light on the best route to take?</div><div>Its had KYB shocks and springs on the front. The rears were done too, but that is sat high enough.</div><div>Micra K11 springs are much longer, but have a different upper mount and shock absorber.</div><div><br></div><div>Can anybody help?????</div>


  • There is no reason for the k12 springs to still be short unless for some reason the damper they are being mounted to are shorter than stock and so are holding the car down.
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