roof bars and basket

I want to get some roof bars and a big roof basket for our Gen 2 cube. I'd like a really squared off basket, preferably in alu? Has anyone done this and got any advice. Any idea which Thule bars and feet I would need?<br>Not too good on dimensions etc, so any help gratefully received.<br><br>Would love a vintage basket look?<br><br>Many thanks<br>


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    Hi this is what I done not to bad for time spent. And I got the look I was after .how ever drop roof lining down to fit and drill holes in roof with rubber gaskets and spreader plates paint I very pleased the only one in the world with this conversion. I will up load pic if not look at my thumbnail on the full site not Mobil
  • Thanks Toaster, can just about see that! Looks good, what did you fit?<br>
  • Looks good. For the roof basket, a steel cargo basket would be a nice choice. The Deezee and Rola basket at 4 wheel online looks sturdy though they are in US. <br>
  • Thanks Donald05<br><br>Anyone know if the cube rails for the later cubes fits the Gen 2's, or have code number for THule that fit the Gen 2's?<br><br>Thanks<br>
  • Thule bars for Gen 2 link:- HERE
  • Thanks Parsnips that's v v v helpful and much appreciated.<br>
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