So excited


  • Yeh buzzing back to being a cubie owner
  • Well come on then get cubeing
  • Lol new to forums love so no idea what you do , but its nice to pop on and read about other people who have cubes ... cant wait for ours to be insured and taxed so hubby can try it out ...
    Fingers crossed that its ok has we sort of bought it blind . We couldnt get to view it with hubby working and i fractured my foot in 3 places last saturday night , so hubby spoke to the bloke who was selling it and they said with a cost they would deliver it for us , so it came last night all the way from southshields to south yorkshire
  • Jesus! At this rate they'll only be a couple of us owners left up here in the north east. Can't remember last time I saw another cube on the roads.
  • Always been a fan of the copper gen 2's. welcome to the club.
  • oh phew, thought reading the title of your thread that your cubey was making a buzzing noise. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new car. <br>
  • Great colour, wheels look cool as well! Hope you recover soon too!
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