my new stereo

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hi ive had this for a few months now but just thought id share some photos.its a 10.1 inch double din unit.


  • Can anyone see the photos of my head unit?
  • I can see them, a little dark as the daylight out the windscreen has made the dash really dark. Is it like a tablet mounted in fornt of the dash opening as looks huge compared to a normal double din.
  • Yes it is like a tablet but it fits in a double din slot. With did behind screen. Under screen I put in a single day. Pocket to put trough cables for ipod 2 x USB caesium and hands free mic
  • I thought about getting one of those! I was worried it would be too big though, so I went for the "normal" 7" version instead. I want one of those for my camper though. What do you think of it? Looks more sensible in the car than I thought it would - I thought it would block off the hazard switch for example.
  • Well I'm impressed with it it does all that you ask of it. It's like have a tablet on you dash it's actually bigger that the screen in the new Mercedes-Benz class. I did worry about the hazard switch at first but it's fine. It plays every type files for music including flack files. The reverse camera is also good for parking real close to objects you can't see in rear view mirror. I even got dab radio chucked in for free so that was a bonus. All in all for £270 it's great.
  • Look good. Interested to know the make and model.
  • Pumpkin is the make and it's a 10.1 inch screen other than that I don't know a model number but I brought it off amazon.
  • Hi, Did you have to buy a wiring harness adapter for it, and what model Cube have you got, we're thinking of changing the unit in our 2010 gen3.
  • thats a gen 2 cube most of the harnesses in those have already been chopped in Japan.
  • Looks cool. How's the booting time when turning it on, and is the touchscreen responsive?<br>
  • I've got the 7" version which is exactly the same apart from the size of the screen. My screen is very responsive, I'm quite impressed by it. The boot up time is maybe 30 seconds or so, which I thought would be more inconvenient than it actually is. I have mine on all the time, and then just put music or navigation on as required.
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