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Hi to all<br><br>I decided to downgrade from My Focus ST to a Cubic Z11 due to change of career (and financial situation!). It might take some time as I am after the Impul body kitted one in black or charcoal which are fairly rare. One importer I am in touch with say that after-market body-kitted Cubes have a high risk of being accident-repaired cars and that I should instead import an RX or a Rider along with the kit and have everything fitted in the UK. He's quoting me £7500 for the car imported, made compliant, MOTed and kit fitted.<br>Opinions?<br>


  • Crikey that sounds a lot! I can imagine the kits might be fitted to damaged cars, like hiding a carpet stain by moving the sofa. If it's what you want though, do it! Fresh import low mileage cars in mint condition are generally around £5-6k so it's not ridiculous money.
  • Ha ha! No I don't want to buy an accident repaired car. Nor do I intend to spend £7500 on a Nissan Cube. I was just fishing for reactions but they seem to take time to arrive. An importer reckons he can find me one in Japan and sell it to me for less than £6,000, so we'll see...
    There is one on eBay although not in my taste of colour, but it's dirty cheap and has been for sale for weeks. I've got a bad feeling about it so I'll stay away. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-Cube-fresh-import-blue-body-kit-dvd-alloys-2005-model-auto-/291793908553?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE
  • Yeah sorry, we're not all on here every day! The Cube market is fairly small, and the Cube owner who goes on a forum is even more limited, so it's a bit different even to stuff like Skylines.<div><br></div><div>A fresh import would be nice, provided the importer is a good chap who you know will bring in a good car. That ebay one is a good price - they're a niche car and that is a lairy colour and bodykit which would put off a fair few of the "normal" Cube crowd.</div>
  • I am currently in talks with the importer in a company called Torque GT based in Devon. They usually import jap performance cars but seem happy to source a Cube/Cubic for me. If I go with them I will leave feedback in the relevant thread. In the meantime, if anyone has dealt with them please forward your testimony!
  • Torque are a good importer, we tend to recommend firstchoicecarimports.com. Dan there works with a guy in Japan to source the cars that have been personally inspected as correct and straight. If you import everything to the uk and have the parts fitted here you may well be hit for a lot of import duty as the parts can't be put in the container with the car. you may be able to dodge some of that by having The teams at first choice imports and online garage tokyo (the japanese side of the outfit) do all the work for you out there before shipping the car.<div><br></div><div>Give Dan a call and have a chat, he's a nice guy and will talk you through all the stages of getting what you want.</div>
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