non nissan suspension

anyone replaced struts or shockers on a z12.<div>i know kyb&monroe do them but not listed when i checked with suppliers on the net.</div><div>got some part numbers from us sites but cross ref lists bring up nothing.</div><div>kyb front 333391 lh, 333390 rh, 348074 rear shocks.</div><div>monroe rear shocks 5658.</div><div>any help most welcome.</div><div>thanks.</div><div> </div>


  • in the UK we don't have the option to go off brand for the dampers. springs we can get from various places like eibach or megane racing but they all lowewr the stock ride hieght.
  • The suspension and braking is all Renault. Dont know what its compatible with though, yet!
  • my issue is kyb,gabriel,monroe,tokico &trw all list suspension for the z12.<div>part numbers are on the internet so why dont the suppliers for these makes contact them</div><div>& supply them to us!</div><div><br></div>
  • we don't have enough market force being around 1000 cars in the uk for all the manufacturers to bother bringing in stock and holding it waiting for one of to want it once in a blue moon unfortunately.
  • trw part no jgt1226t ordered, should arrive in a couple of weeks.<div>gb supplier & getting them from germany.</div><div>supplier confirms they are for z12 cubes, £122.00 inc.</div><div>nice when you get a supplier who will do this , let you know if all goes well when fitting them.</div><div><br></div>
  • fitted rear shocks this week,apart from a seized bottom bolt all went ok.<div>big difference at the rear now less harsh & no patter on uneven roads.</div><div>one of my old shocks was very weak with little or no rebound, the other was very stiff.</div><div>glad i changed them.</div><div>thumbs up for trw shockers!</div><div><br></div>
  • update on front struts for my kaizen.<div>ordered kyb 333390 & 333391 as this part number is listed on usa websites to fit cubes 2009 on.</div><div>purchased off ebay uk as this part number also listed for nissan tiida,same fittings  & my h&r springs & top</div><div>bearings fit fine,just waiting for new top mounts  to arrive as i decided to replace the lot with new parts.</div><div>i,ll let you know if all goes well.</div><div> </div>
  • my z12 is done now,front kyb struts, new monroe top bearings & mounts trw rear shocks previously fitted & h&r 40mm springs.<div>drives  much better no more bouncing &lurching about & body roll has virtually gone it corners nice & flat now.</div><div>no problems fitting apart from please note strut top mounts are handed, i had two the same side & had to get another.</div><div>worth doing? yes , one of my struts was really weak the other was solid,</div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br><div><br></div></div>
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