Newbie question about coilovers sorry.

First just a quick hi as this is my first post. I have been looking though the forum and everyone seems really cool and willing to help where they can.
I have had my gen 2 a few months now (which I am loving) and I am wanting to do a 50mm drop. I have got some 17" 7j e40 alloys to fit so one question is what size tyres to fit? I was thinking 215 40 17?
The other question is will I have to fit anything else when I fit the coilovers i,e wheel spacers etc.
Any words of advice would be much appreciated and don't be shy to post any pics of your cube!


  • Welcome. If all you want is a 50mm drop are coilovers a bit excessive, price wise. They may not be adjustable, but Megan racing do springs with a 50mm drop. I know they do them for the z12, not sure if there's a difference for the gen2. I'm sure someone on here has Megan springs on their cube but can't remember who. Someone will pop up.
  • Hi mate go 195/45/17 to give a little more clearance and ride comfort<div>Thats what i have anyway its perfect for me, they are goodyear tyres</div><div>Good luck</div>
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