Are all Cubes imported?

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Out of interest are all Cubes imported or were they ever manufactured in the U.K.?


  • That's sort of two questions. They were all imported - none were made in the UK. However, the gen 3 model was officially imported into the UK by Nissan, whereas all of the gen 1 and 2 cars were imported on a one-by-one basis, often by companies who specialise in Japanese Domestic Market cars, for the few fans there are in the UK :-)
  • Thanks mn2sam.

    As a new cube owner, my Cube is 2010 Kaizan, what generation would that fall under?
  • Thanks toaster.

    So if the generation 3 were brought over by Nissan, does that still officially classify them as an import, for insurance purposes?
  • That would NOT be an import. It is an official UK specification vehicle.
  • Thanks for that, mn2sam.
  • Just to confuse there are a couple of Gen 3 imports in the country now but they are the rarest of an already rare car! easiest way to spot them is the model spec is different and they don't have the big glass roof.
  • Ha, really?! That's hilarious. I also have an old BMW M5 and I once saw one which was a Germany-delivered, right hand drive car. So it was all right-hand drive (obviously the dash and steering wheel, but also headlights etc) but German spec otherwise. Very weird, it just looked like a UK car to me, but technically not!
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