more stupid prices from nissan

another for the "why  the **** did i call nissan "section.<div>my cargo cover was missing when i bought my kaizen.</div><div> gen part £336.00 .</div><div>its not even a proper parcel shelf.</div><div>i bet the yanks dont pay that in good old usa.</div><div><br></div>


  • I've given up with Nissan entirely. Unless you have a part number, they don't know what you're talking about on Gen 2, and even then the prices are extortionate.<div><br></div><div>I needed a relay a while ago - got a handful off ebay for a couple of quid. Nissan didn't know what I was talking about, so when I got the ebay ones I asked for a price from Nissan for that same part number - £15 each!</div>
  • one of my favorites will always be £75.00 for a rear cube badge.
  • this is why so many modern cars a written off when they are crashed as with insurance companies refusing to use anything other than oem parts even a minor bump will cost a fortune.<div><br></div><div>I would suggest if you use facebook you take a look at 'online garage' as Peter is a long time friend of the club and is based out in japan. Whilst you have to pay shipping and import tax often even with that parts are cheaper and arrive quicker than if ordered from the uk. You just need to check the parts are the same (although for the gen 2 you can give them the chassis number and they can check it on their systems as it was originally sold over there!)</div>
  • thanks terry,<div>don,t do social do dah sites.</div><div>might make something to pattern.</div><div> </div>
  • got a mint 2nd hand cargo cover from a very nice man from sunderland £25.00, collected last month.<div>fitted nissan plastic engine cover used 2x air filter box rubber mounts off a vauxhall astra  as they cost me £2.00 and fit perfect.</div><div>nissan price just for the rubbers £10.00 +vat each, another price pulled out of a hat !!!</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>
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