I've been looking for a Cubic for a few months now and have been to see a few. I'd like to see a thread recommending (or not!) Cube/Cubic Importers/Traders/Dealers.<br><br>If you have had any dealings with anyone that 'specialises' in Nissan Cubes/Cubics etc, it would be REALLY useful for you to share your experience and maybe rate them in some way to assist newbies.<br><br>Please don't be libellous if you've had a bad deal and only share your opinions/experience.<br><br>
1 Quay Vehicle Solutions in Newport, Wales. Alex and Russ
2 Neil and CID in Bristol Performance Point
3 Mark @ Manchester Campers.
4 www.firstchoicecarimports.com. www.facebook.com/firstchoicecarimports


  • Can't say enough good things about Quay Vehicle Solutions in Newport, Wales. Alex and Russ source only the best quality cars, in fact they reject around a third of vehicles as they come off the ships.

    These guys know their cars and have years of importing experience. They probably aren't the cheapest in the country, but if like me quality is your main driver then you won't do better than Alex and Russ.
  • Thoroughly recommend Neil and CID in Bristol. I know they come recommended by others here too. We bought a Gen 2 Cubic in Nov last year and everything about the transaction was superb. He knows an awful lot about Cubes and was a pleasure to deal with. We had the pick of his current stock to test drive and all our pre-purchase work was carried out without hesitation. Highly recommend you check them out. He has a lovely Conran edition at the moment.

  • I bought my Conran Cube from Neil and the team at Performance Point in Bristol too. They are a pleasure to deal with, the car was properly converted and it's been a great car. (I'm actually selling my Conran edition at the moment - see in the For Sale section).
  • About time I added my experience to this. We looked at a fair few Cubes and Cubics before finally buying a fab, low mileage cubic from Mark @ Manchester Campers. Clean, running great and very pleased with it. Highly recommend.<br>
  • We went to see the N15 CUB car in Wigan. Fantastic paint job, loads of
    extras that we didn't need, amazing hi fi, fab wheels, great number plate - we fell in love with it and really thought we would buy and bring it
    home. It was a 5 hour drive. <br>When we test drove the car the fuel light was on? So instead of
    just testing it for a mile or so we stopped for fuel and took it for
    about 10 miles. It didn't like kick down at all and the rev counter
    jumped all over the place before settling down. Outside the car was immaculate. Inside it was very
    unpleasant even though apparently it had been valeted? There were all
    sorts of electric cables connected all over the place. Just didn't feel
  • If you want to import a cube contact me now



  • www.nissancube.co.uk
  • Hi guys, i bought my Per white Gen 2 a few months back and have been trying to find somewhere in the UK that sells body kits etc - any help would be greatly appreciated. 
  • you'll struggle unless you contact someone like Dan who breaks cubes to see if he gets anything in or import your own from something like import monster as there is such a small market that no-one really holds stock of these sort of things. The other option is get creative with things from toy shops or car parts stores or wreckers yards. seens some great lips made with parts from things like megans that are then cut down or altered to get the right lines and fit.
  • hello all. im looking to buy a used door with a glass. where could i get that in UK
  • rear right door
  • Dan bell at nissancube.co.uk should be able to sort you out. He has a number of doors in stock in a range of colours.
  • After having imported a few cars from them I would recommend www.beforward.jp Make sure to get an auction report and read up on how to understand the Japanese auction reports before you buy a car though.
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