spark plug gasket installation

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Hi guys, do I have to do any elaborate removal of the old spark plug gasket or do they just come out? On some Nissans, the spark plug gasket is sandwiched in between the valve cover. Also, what are the torque specs for the valve cover? Thanks!


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    What is ment by spark gasket ? I believe your talking about the valve cover gasket which is simply to do but you will need another gasket in side cover which dose the vvtiming you must Change it as you wish you had latter .here apic look on full site if no pic
  • From memory there is a gasket where the intake manifold bolts to the top of the engine that needs to be changed (or should be) when the intake is removed to get to the spark plugs. From what I've seen plenty of folks have got away without replacing it.
  • The spark plug gaskets are labeled 13276 in my picture in the original post. Here's a youtube video showing what I'm talking about them not being easily replaced.   the gasket you're referring to is labeled 13533?  <span style="font-size: 10pt;">And terry_hill is labeled 14032N?  I have those gaskets ready to go as well. :)</span></div></div><div><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><br></span></div><div><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Another question I have is do you need to perform the idle relearn procedure if you disconnect the connector from the throttle body in the course of removing the air filter cover to get to the valve cover?  That seems to be very troublesome for a lot of Nissan owners.  Or am I ok if I'm just careful to not touch the throttle body?</span></div>
  • I did not have to on my one
  • I think I'm thinking of the 14032N yes but didn't think you needed to take the head cover off to change the plugs so wouldn't have gone any further down than removing the inlet manifold.
  • I unplugged the battery before disconnecting the throttle body, but I still had to perform the idle relearn afterwards.  My idle was high after the cleaning.  It took some tries, but eventually the relearn process worked.
  • Well done that man
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