This is it at the moment...awaiting goodies / mods 8-)



  • looks awesome! same colour as the one i saw the other daY! :D
  • [quote="volkscuben":51535]looks awesome! same colour as the one i saw the other daY! :D

    8-) Odd colour actually....looks like a normal solid pale blue most of the time but it's actually a pearl metallic which is quite cool... I was going to change the colour but it has grown on me over the last week and it'll stay now. Hope to add the new grill next week :)
  • yeah it's definately not common, i love the pearly colours, my dad said he saw a mint green pearlescent cube in bristol yesterday too!
    so your gonna fit the rider grill? it'll be sweet, are you going to lower it? if so whats your plan of action cos my plan will have to commense in a couple of months!
  • Yep gonna lower it as I've got a 40mm drop kit here and it's a shame to leave it on the shelf :D

    And I'll be putting some alloys on soon too ;)
  • Awesome, can't wait to see it in the metal :)

    Cool get that Rider grill on there ;)
  • Looking good, a very clean example.

    I really need to wash mine! :o
  • Clean and nice example dude. :D
  • We carried out the first mod today (a nice simple one) :)

    The plan was to remove the Xanavi unit and original Nissan double din CD / MD unit and fit a double din GPS / DVD / CD radio jobbie so this was first step -

    Even the GPS antenna and wiring loom section for the Xanavi unit were removed to keep things behind the dash nice & tidy.

    Once all the old was out it was in with the new :)

    The entire job took about an hour and that included sorting out the GPS software and popping to shop for an ISO lead.

    The unit was nice & easy to install and set up. Not fully tried the navigation function yet but if it works as well as the bluetooth handsfree and other functions it should be very good..........first mod done
  • Good effort! had mine since may and just put fuel in it! lol. does that dash bit come off easy as mine has not been refitted/clicked back in place so need to remove it to see why it doesnt meet up with dash tightly? :D
  • yeah man it's easy if it's like my 04, just a few screws, two clips, then it pulls out very easily,they're in obvious places too, so you shouldn't have any trouble whatsoever! unplug the switches and it comes right out! :D fro then the dash is your oyster, the whole lot starts to show screws and clips, all very well designed!
  • Good stuff. That looks similar to mine, is it a Kenwood?

    Yeah totally, I was so surprised at how easily the front panel came off, even for a n00b like me hehe. Pull the ashtray out, then there are 2 screws down there, that's it.
  • Fitted some new wheels 8-)

  • Wicked, really suits it. Will look even better once it's lowered too.
  • Looking good. 8-)
  • I like it :)
  • Just done the tints (well a mate did them whilst I drank tea and supervised) :D

    and I have just picked up some paint so I can spray the skirts and Rider bumper next week :)
  • Looking good dude. 8-)
  • Coming along nicely!

    [quote="Sky Racer":60c0c]and I have just picked up some paint so I can spray the skirts and Rider bumper next week :)

    I take it you've given up on the Rider then? :'(
  • Not given up on the Rider but have put it on hold for now. Stealing the Rider front bumper & skirts for my blue one and the Rider will get the stock bumper & grill from the blue car. I'm planning on putting the black one in for a standard kit car type SVA / IVA test as it then does not have any issues with model reports but will end up as a 'Q' plate. Wifey has her eye on the Rider so if I do register it then it'll have to get sold quickly before the missus gets her hands on it. It's only done 20k and drives like new and it would be a shame to break it so hope IVA test etc all goes to plan. For now just enjoying the blue one tho' :D :D
  • The Rider bumper and skirts are all painted :)

    Fitted the bumper, grill and rear skirt yesterday -

    It's been a while since I last done some car paintwork so rather pleased with the result on this one 8-)
  • Nice work there :) looks sweet :)

    RF ;)
  • hi looking at your cube it looks cool.have you lowered it yet ?
    if you have was it hard to do.
    i'm into doing some mods to mine just don't no where to start.
  • Looking nice dude. Def needs lowering. :D. Loving the rims they are awsome. 8-O
  • Dropped it 40mm yesterday - rear not settled very well yet but I measured the front and thats all cool although lower edge of front bumper scrapes the dropped kerb at the entrance to our workshop as I found out this morning. Its quite dirty in the pic above I'll try to get some better pics tomorrow once its had a bath :)

    It's definately at attention grabber now, even more so with the new front end treatment. I gave a friends other half a lift to work today and about 4 hours later she said she wanted to buy it ! plus man who runs a garage / mobile mechanic service just down the road wants one now so I'm doing my bit for spreading love for the CUBE :D
  • Looking good. :)
  • I mentioned that it scrapes the dropped kerb outside our workshop -

  • and that photo above was taken with the car empty. I often leave work with the car loaded up with parcels for the courier to pick up.....think I'll park outside in the road from now on X-D

    Fortunately my house has a nice flat drive...much more lowered car friendly which is just as well with another Jap toy due to arrive at the end of this month ;)
  • Fair play, it looks great with the new front end.
  • Spill the beans, what the other toy you getting
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