Buying a cubic - what's the best gearbox to choose 4AT or CVT - any pros and cons?

Completely confused by the gearbox choice on the Gen 2 cubes. Was advised to avoid CVT but my (minimal) research shows most probs have been with 09/10 nissan cubes?? Any Gen 2 owners got any advice please?<br><br>If the worst happened and the gearbox 'failed' is there a nissan micra equivalent that would replace or are the gearboxes unique to the cubes?<br><br>Thanks for any advice/help<br>


  • So unfortunately the micra/note cvt doesn't work in the cube as the ecu doesn't match (we have a tame importer that has tried.) however I would have to say that I wouldn't rule out a cvt gear box. I'd want to ensure it had no issues when I bought it so making sure it drives through all the gears and that the up and down shifter works on the steering wheel is a must but to date I have only seen 1 gen 2 cube with shifting issues that weren't cured by a full transmission flush. <div>be warned the CVT oil isn't cheap and you need 2 cans to do it as it takes about 7.5l but it's something not often done on the gen 2's so when done the oil that is flushed is very old and very rank.</div><div><br></div><div>A flush has been known to cure ills from random revving to not changing gear to lack of power so if you do buy a cvt it's worth factoring in as an early job and if you find clean oil coming out the box be glad you have a good one thats been looked after and keep the oil for when you need to do it in X0,000 miles or sell it to someone else to flush theirs. </div>
  • Thanks so much for your advice and so sorry for delay, have been working away from signal for a few days. <br>Very helpful thank you<br>
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