Auto Gear Shifter Misalligned

Hi guys,<div><br></div><div>My car's auto shifter selector is a bit out of allignment. By which I mean that the "click" positions of park, reverse, neutral, drive, second and first don't correspond to being in those gears. For example to shift into drive I have to click into drive and then go a little bit further. I can actually go all the way to where 2nd gear should be, and then it's safely locked in drive. I can't select 1st gear at all.</div><div><br></div><div>How do I adjust this? The digital display on the dash seems to be pretty accurate to which gear I'm in, but I'm not sure where that takes it's information from. Do I need to adjust the cable on the gearbox itself, or is there an adjustment under the dashboard?</div><div><br>Thanks in advance for your help!</div>


  • The fact your display is read right it's mor likely to be cable or if not the joints on the ends of cable .if you hold the stick towards you then lightly move the stick up and down to see how much free play you have it should be about 10 mill at the button end of stick
  • Free play doesn't feel too bad, it's more how the notches don't line up to actually being in gear. I have to go past all of the positions a bit to get each one, so I'm guessing that means my cable has stretched. I assume there is an adjustment somewhere!
  • You might be lucky
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