Rear Fog Light - MOT fail

Hi all. Hoping for a bit of guidance.<div><br></div><div>My 04 Z11 has just gone in for it's first MOT in my ownership and the garage have called to say it is a fail because of the lack of a rear fog light. Not sure how it would have passed it's MOT on import but they assure me there isn't a rear light present!</div><div><br></div><div>After some searching and reading previous thread it seems the rercommended solution is to replace one of the reversing lights with a suitable red fog light bulb. Just ordered one of these off ebay but I'm looking for some advice re how this should be wired up?</div><div><br></div><div>I have front fog lights (so assume I have the fog light switch on the stalk - can't see at the moment as it's at the garage) but how do I go about wiring one of the reversing lights into the system so it works simultaneously with the fronts? Will get the garage to do the work for me but would like any advice or better still a step-by-step guide if this exists on a previous thread so I can guide them in the right direction.</div><div><br></div><div>Many thanks in anticipation of any help / advice!</div>


  • Mine has an aftermarket switch on the dash by the mirror adjustment. This seems to be the "standard" way to modify these cars for a fog light. Not sure where its 12v feed comes from, but presumably a little relay somewhere...
  • Have to put switch in as in Japan there is no neead for fog lights . There a space by mirror switch and a fused supply can be take off fuse box in cab . Sorry my one did not have wiring to rear of car BUT SOME DOO SO HAVE A LOOK when they remove rear o/s light for wire hopefully your has if not it will have to be chased to the rear .good luck
  • This is very interesting, I didn't realise there wasn't a rear fog light on my Cube. Woild have found out September next year when it failed the MOT! So how do our cars pass their MOTs on import if they fail their later MOTs on fundamental things like this? Is the first MOT after import more lenient or do the importers just 'know' the people doing their MOTs?

    I checked the rules on rear fog lights, couldn't find anything specific about where they need to be placed, how bright they need to be etc. Does anyone know if something like this would pass the MOT?

    Would it (or any other rear fog light) have to be externally mounted, or could it be placed inside the rear window?
  • Must be fitted to the offside from central place out wards
    The mot on first import most probably lwas fitted then removed as they are ugly I fitted my one in the spare lens in rear light I send pic tomorrow of what I did
  • An update. Red bulb arrived from ebay. My local garage were really helpful. Removed one of the reversing light bulbs in the rear cluster and replaced with the red bulb then ran cable splice into the front fogs which were already fitted. So fog operated by the current control for the fronts on the stalk. No need to fit unsightly rear fog light, no need to fit unsightly dash button. Brilliant job! If you already have the front fogs fitted highly recommend this method.
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    Well done that man like you say if you have that option sadly
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