Abs brakes

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Hi all just a question does a 2005 cube have abs brakes and if not can they be fitted?


  • My 2004 certainly does!
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    Standard equipment. However to after market abs would be a difficult job as its all tied in with engine ecu and you would need wiring abs module different brake pipes and sensors slip rings on front drive shafts .pick ups on rear drums and odd bits hope this helps .
  • Shit. Well i think ill sell mine now its dangerous think without it. For sale 2005 nissan cube
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    what make you say no abs and it's dangerous ??
    Not doubting you never seen a cube with out abs ?
    Also if it fitted with a high level brake light it has abs .
  • Well ive found it has a abs pump under right side bonnet. Tried a computer plugged into car and it cant connect with abs. Cant put english vin number in as it has a Japanese 1. Any help please
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    Let's start again what are you trying to do ?
    Have you got a problem with the abs ?
    The computer you plug in is a good one like a consult 3 or just a 100 pound one

  • I dont know how much it costs my neighbour did it for me but it wont connect to abs unit. Was trying to fi d if there is a fault
  • Does it not brake correctly then Rage?
  • It brakes ok but i dont like cars without abs just feel safer with it. So want to know why it doesnt work. So any ideas. There is no abs light on dash at all.
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    How long have you had car It may be as simple as the bulb had given up in dash.
    The ABS lamp should illuminate even with the ABS module removed. I would strongly suspect that it was on, and its been "disabled" so that the owner was not aware that there was a fault. If I'm correct, then I take it that the lamp does not even show as the key is first turned to the on position?
    So when you switch your ignition on their is no orange check light
    First check all fuses under bonnet beside battery and in side vehicle .
    Second have you tryed disconnecting the abs module plug as some times they just get a bad contact
    <div>On the full sit there are some drawings</div><div>Walk there is a small brain in dash instrument which receives info from abs </div>
  • Ive had the car 1 week have checked all fuses in the 2 fuse boxes but none are bad. Have looked for drawings but are unable to find them. I will disconnect when i get home today many thanks
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