Help. I want to buy a cube but not sure

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I badly want to buy a cube but scared I will find it difficult to find essential parts and it will become a real hassle . I'm looking at 2008 cube it's a 1.4automatic.

How easy is it, to resolve mechanical issues with the car, I would need to have it on road so I wouldn't want to wait for weeks for a part to arrive etc

If my windscreen was to break or any of the glass , how easily could I get it fixed?

How expensive can it get to own one ?

Advice and help would be greatly appreciated




  • If you buy it you'll love it, if you don't, you'll regret it, cant really comment on big problems, although I guess sorta, my last cube had a broken auto box but got it all replaced for around £500 used ouch, but other than that generally well behaved and with research you'll discover most parts are gettable easily, let's face it though, you're looking, you're in now, everything else looks boring! I hope you find a gem.
  • Most drive Tran stuff is here in UK and on eBay the k12 micra is Somme bits .mk3 Clio also
    The brakes are ok for parts I had my one now five years everyday ride 220000 + pls enjoying the looks .a great car General y their is help on here .so come on down to the square square dance.
  • Thanks.

    If say I took it to a good garage, would they be able to get the parts or would I need to source them

    Also would companies like auto glass be able to to source and replace broken glass.

    Body panels-can I get them repair /replaced easy enough.

    Also, when I tested this automatic I want to buy. I felt it shifted quite hard especially in 3rd and 4th gears. I'm not sure To automatic cars is that normall

    Thanks all
  • I've had my cube 2 years now and havent up till now had any problems.

    Having said that, if you see my post, on cracked satnav screen. This is potentially causing a problem at the moment. The screen cannot be replaced by Nissan or that's what they tell me and therefore I need a completely new unit, in stock, but at £1500,in my opinion a complete rip off!

    There still may be a solution and cheaper option but I'm having to do the digging, along with some helpful people on here.

    But as a vehicle, I love it, so unique.
  • Normal service parts are easy to come by, and my local garage had no problems sorting the bits themselves once they realised it was basically a Micra. I worry about the windscreen too, but not had to find one as yet, fingers crossed. Great car though, good fun, bit interesting and different which is worth a lot these days. Everything else is so boring! It's also a pretty good car, with a fair bit of space for its size, and decent fuel economy. It's also dead easy to drive with its tight turning circle, auto gearbox, and great visibility.
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    Thanks for responses all. Much closer to a decision.

    I do have concerns over cvt gearboxes. Looks like a real expensive pain to deal with when they go wrong. Do all the cubes have cvt gearboxes how can I check if they have or don't have cvts

    How common are issues on cube

    I would like to add. I'm more interested in gen2 z11 cubes

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    Gen 2 autos have a 0/d button on end of gear selector lever. And when you drive them they have a very definition when they change gear 1234(5 /0/d)
  • I have to be honest, I don't understand the above. Is there a simpler way of explaining it.

  • When autos change gear you get a change in engine revs and a feeling it has done a gear change .Cvt do not generally Cvt revs stay the same and you do not have a gear change due to being a Cvt constant variable transmission .
    And auto
  • I may be wrong as I'm a gen 3 owner (and as the admin I really should know this stuff but...) I believe all the 1.5 Gen2 facelifts had CVT boxes. generally whilst they can throw issues from what I've seen 99% of issues seem to be resolved by a good flush of the gearbox oil which seems to be most peoples failure to do as part of their maintenance regime.<div><br></div><div>For the gen 2 almost everything is freely available and over on the face book group we have some good sources for parts direct from japan as well as breakers in the uk.</div><div><br></div><div>Auto glass can get the windscreens easily however if we have a run of bad luck in the club they can run out of stock fairly quickly so there can be a back log!</div><div><br></div><div>Not sure what the above cracked sat nav screen is about but guessing that's a gen 3 as you rarely get an oem stereo in a gen 2 and even if you got a japanese unit you would need allsorts of band shifting gubbins to make it work as the japanese radio frequencies are a fair way adrift from ours so you can get radio 2 and 4 and thats about it!</div>
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