Nissan Cube Satnav cracked screen


I've just joined, I'm based in west london and hoping someone may be able to help?

I've got a cracked screen on my Satnav and Nissan say that the screen can't be repaired and a new one needs to be fitted at over £1000.

I can't seem to find a model or make to identify the Satnav but does anyone know anywhere, preferably in london, where I can get it repaired, at a fraction of the cost?

Thanks in advance



  • I should make it clear, Nissan say that a new Satnav needs to be fitted.

    And I'm hoping I can get the screen fixed?

  • Why are they insisted on a new one. And is your a Jen 3
  • Hello toaster

    I called my nearest Nissan dealership in west london and they simply told me the screen couldn't be repaired and the whole unit needed to be replaced.

    I haven't been able to find out as yet, what make or model Satnav is in my car. Do Nissan use different makes, depending on what vehicle?
  • Ho old is your Nissan cube pls
  • 2010, toaster.
  • Maybe just buy an aftermarket one with Bluetooth and HD dvd etc, for under 300 you can get some beasts!
  • Hello volkscuben, yes of course, I could just buy something else. but ultimately, if I, at some point want to sell the car, it will be devalued by the built in Satnav, not working and having a damaged screen.

    So preferably I'd like to get it fixed.
  • Fair play, I didn't realise it wasn't swappable! I got a gen2 so not familiar with the gen3! I hope you get it sorted, a grand is way too much for what must be easy for the guys in the know
  • As for devalued it would be minimal and car isnt worth that much now anyway in current market tbh.
  • Actually it gets worse volkscuben, I was misquoted.

    it's going to cost £1500 and that's just for the Satnav, doesn't include the fitting, ludicrous price and a rip off if you ask me!
  • Hello Paul, thanks for your link. I've seen a few on eBay,

    I'm just a little wary, as I was told they can have specific codes for the car that they were originally fitted too and that it can't be changed but of course I don't know how true that is?
  • Damn! Sorry to hear that! Might sound stupid but what about mobile phone repairers? If they can source a screen of course
  • Comes with the code this one bro
  • Thanks volkscuben, I saw that one, I've contacted the seller.
  • pulled mine a couple of months ago cos prev owner didnt<div>make a note of code,battery was flat from being stood for a while</div><div>2010 kaizen.</div><div>mines a blaupunkt.</div><div>easy enough to get it out & check though</div><div>hope this helps</div><div>ic1.</div>
  • Ok, thanks for the info,icecube1.
  • to be fair even second hand the factory units go for ludicrous money. I'd be grateful of a valid reason to swap and bin it! go out and spend 1/5 of what they quoted you on a unit that can give you everything you already have as well as proper line feeds for any future sub or amp additions and DAB to boot. I keep looking and you can a fully functioning unit for as little as £150-200 then all the various harness adapters to connect to the steering wheel controls, usb and handsfree mic come in at about £30-50.<div><br></div><div>I'd never replace a broken car stereo with a dealer fit unit the money just never stacks up.</div>
  • My Sony double din has bt audio, bt calls and texts, USB music, CD player, tuner, loadsa sub output, and cost me £108.99 from halfords including the iso harness I needed!
  • if replacing unit on a gen 3 kaizen with non gen<div>remember factory unit has a rear view camera facility</div><div>do aftermarket units have this ?</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • Some of the android ones do I believe, but not absolutely certain
  • I've found a place who can fix my unit, it's still fairly pricey at £350 but at least it's far and away cheaper than the £1500 that I was quoted by Nissan west london.

    And of course, means I keep original fitted unit.

    thanks for all the feedback.
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