Cubic issue

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Hey Guys, I'm just curious about something I heard a mechanic said about the CR-14 and HR-15 engines.........  He said there is a fault when the airconditioner compressor is failing it causes the car to run erratically... Have you all heard anything like this??


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    Can't say I have in a Nissan how in vw world a lot .in the Nissan I guess if comp is failing it's more likely to be the eletro clutch fault and the ecm it's just trying to run a smooth operation
  • Hmm... Well the ac right now is only blowing warm air, not getting cool at all so i'm trying to figure out what could be the causes...
  • Check see if the ac clutch is operating when you turn it on you should here it click in under bonnet if it dose not it's low on gas or fuse/ clutch problem or a pressure switch and is your ac or climate control .
  • Well I checked out all that and it was the power line to the compressor was disconnected, got it fixed, all gased up only to hear the evaporator might be choked up
  • Need some help on the location of evaporater and necessary repairs that could be taken
  • Hi Matty not Shaw how you mean blocked I guess you mean from the outside of evaporation rad .if so and do hope not it is buried deep in car dash it's a full strip out a good days Labour's a nd parts make Shaw as a deep pocket experience will be coming your way .
    1 I guess the ac clutch works now ?
    2 and there are no leaks
    3 on here someone has do a dash out job with pictures

  • Yea it's buried deep in the dash, but I removed it before when replacing the ac blower so I have an idea... the repair man told me it would cost about $2500 tt to do the job
  • Yep a lot of money but if you can it would be cheaper how ever I believe that Nissan only sell as complete air box unless you can get a after market one .
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