2004 cube thermostat needed - suggestions welcomed

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Live in hot climate. I've been told the thermostat isn't needed. It's been take out and the car is running fine without running hot but just as a precaution I would like<div>to replace the failed thermostat. </div><div>I can't seem to find one that states its specifically for nissan cube 2004 model. </div><div>any suggestions on the best buy? </div>


  • Hi it is wise to run one as it all so regulates water flow so there are no hot spots within the water jacket which can happen as the water flow to quick and not gets to full flow in the extremities of the block causing hot spots. The stat is the same as a k12 micra location on the end of head above auto box.
  • thanks so much for the help. so it would not be wise to drive the car for even short periods of time until I get the stat? @toaster
  • Well your be driving around already I have see this happen several times on commercial vehicles as I am in the trade . Get it done sooner than to late
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