stormtrooper is on the road

my kaizen is on the road now and driving pretty well<div>the exhaust has been replaced on friday for a built s/steel cat back system</div><div>and its not noisy at all as extreme used the same size back box.</div><div>it does burble away quietly on tick over.</div><div>steering wheel is great now leather one fitted, hid,s nice & bright & new horn is a beast.</div><div>however when parking or on full lock i noticed a very light noise through the steering wheel</div><div>on inspection i found ball joint boot split on rh side so wishbone to be replaced </div><div>see if thats the cause.</div><div>it goes well, rolls a bit round corners but is very comfy, not sure if i should fit my h&r 40mm lowering springs or not</div><div>if you see me around the midlands give me a wave its white with black wheels with a starwars stormtrooper head hanging from  the int mirror</div><div>ic1.</div><div>  </div><div><br></div>


  • Fit the springs, would be interested in how it looks
  • Where in the midlands? I'm Halesowen. Lowering springs improve cornering a great deal. 
  • yeah! know all about handling cornering etc<div>my other car is a lowered modified daihatsu materia</div><div>only issue is the roads in stoke on trent are seriosly kack,</div><div>cubes do look good lowered though.</div><div>thanks for the comments.</div><div>ic1.</div><div><br></div>
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