Gen2 Overheating - Diagnosis and cure required!

Hi guys,<div><br></div><div>I recently bought a 2004 Cube 1.4 automatic, and I love it. I bought it because it was cheap, had a fair look over it and found a lot of relatively minor problems, but as time is going on they are becoming more sinister! The one that's causing me most grief at the moment is overheating...</div><div><br></div><div>The radiator fan doesn't turn on. I've got an OBD reader which confirms that the ECU does throw the fan switch at 95 degrees coolant temperature, and the big green fuse in the fuse box shorts to all pins (so it works, pic attached). I've taken the radiator connector off and looked for volts on all 4 pins, but I never see 12V DC. The ground pin shorts to battery ground, so that's good, but is there another fuse somewhere for the power? Also, which pin should have power on, as there's not an obvious colour of wire there!</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>


  • Wish I could help but I don't own a gen 2, hope one of the gen 2 guys are along soon to help out or you could try a posy on the facebook group if you use it.
  • Hi I have a wiring diagram somewhere I see of I can find .all so I guess your red light is coming on
  • That would be awesome. Thank you! My red light indeed come on if I do less than 10mph or so for a while. I'm sure there must be a relay somewhere...
  • Their is a relay in the fuse box under the bonnet on the right a big white box in side is the loads of relays I have picture of you need one of position
  • The picture or a description of which it is would be awesome! I had a look in there and only the fuses are labeled.
  • Hi mate this should help look on cubes full site if your on a Mobil device
  • That is awesome, thank you so much. Now to try and find one - Nissan is a little way from me, hopefully an auto factors will have one!
  • Just spoken to Nissan, they need a part number to get one. Ugh. Even saying "it's the same as a Micra" they wouldn't help me. Time to drive round there, pull the thing out in front of them and hope they have one, or two rather!
  • Just went into Sparshatt's in Hedge End, with the relays in my hand, and they still couldn't help me. The white relay box was completely not on their radar, they could only tell me, repeatedly, about the top black fuse box from my first post. How is it this painful?! I don't suppose you know a part number? These relays have a shallow etched number on which has rubbed off :-( Time for ebay I suspect!
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    Breakers yard or just use a reg of a micra of the web or to prove a point Mark all relays and then swop them around to see if that helps I just have a look at my one and be back on soon 
  • Managed to wiggle one of them out and confirm the number - 33201. I've got a couple on order, same as in the 350z apparently :-) I shall let you know if I'm successful when they turn up!<div><br></div><div>Thanks so much for your support, it's what makes forums like this.</div>
  • Hopefully I have helped you which obd reader do you use your time to help me I am a mechanic by trade I only can read my one using consult 3 which my friend has .
  • Your issue first - I've got a bluetooth ebay special, just an ELM327 (picture attached). I then connect with my Android phone and use car gauge pro to talk to it. I couldn't get Torque to work, which is very frustrating as I've used that for years and love it. I've not read any codes out of it as it says there are none in there, but it looks to work quite well for reading data etc. so I'd recommend it. I think the ECU has all the PIDs set to zero, so a normal reader gets confused, but car gauge pro appears to know about that and just read the data.<div><br></div><div>Unfortunately my overheating problem isn't solved :-( Despite the relay I pulled out being visibly damaged, I gave it a test at the office and it only bloody worked. Grrr. So now I have to suspect the fan itself or the wiring. I want to test the fan, but do you happen to know which colour wire it is in the fan connector which carries positive power? I can see ground, but I don't want to put 12v onto somewhere it shouldn't be and blow up my fan!</div>
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    Ok thanks have a look at my one. dose your air con work as it runs the same fan
  • <span style="font-style: normal;">Aha, a clue - no, my air con does </span><i>not</i> work. I suspect there is a wiring problem, but I would like to check the fan.<div><br></div><div>PS - I've attached the pic of my ELM module this time, it didn't work last time!</div>
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    pick on main site Hi there sorry for delay buzzy work just finished .tested my one in pic you can see my rad if you disconnect plug from rad fan you will see four pins left top is pos bottom right is neg did not have time to test others .but them two I tested were for control of air con however it powered up and fan runns .
    Thanks for Pic of obd I look thanks also I use this type of CD to help its proven its worth .<img src="">r
  • That's helpful. Thank you! Just HotWired it and the fan works, so there must be something else somewhere if the relay, fuse and ECU all seem to be working as they should :-/ Is there a second temperature sensor it could be? So they ECU says it's working but it doesn't actually throw the switch somehow?

    When I turn on my AC nothing happens. The button LED comes on, but the AC pump doesn't turn and the fan doesn't come on :-/
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    The aircon could be as simple as low on gas.hve not looked for second switch .the over way to do you know anyone who has a micra k12 you can borrow bits off or test values.I am haven a few days of from my work so unable to look at wiring diagram till I return however keep me posted in the hope you find the fault
  • I'm off to the middle East for two weeks with work so I will be a bit quiet as well! I ordered a wiring diagram CD so I shall consult that! The AC pulley spins but the clutch doesn't appear to engage and spin the pump itself. Seems like a new, less worrying issue so will leave it for now!
  • Car is in the garage being MOT'd now. It failed as it overheated when trying to do the emissions test, so they've been looking into this radiator fan issue. It turns out that the two switch inputs on the relay are both 12v live all the time, which is very strange. They're tracing it around the car at the moment, but it looks like the wiring has been bodged somewhere at some point :-(
  • Strange but it dose run a two speed fan for cooling and ac so it may need two 12 volts supply.
  • It's back! The radiator fan is now working correctly. It turned out to be a faulty "control module" built into the fuse box. I don't know more than that, but the fuse box was replaced with one from a Micra, and now it works perfectly. The AC is still non-fuctional, but I will check the relays for that another time when I get a minute! So chuffed to have it back, working, and freshly MOT'd :-)
  • Ipdm unit it's a problem it's them little nips .glad your back enjoy the cube
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