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Ive changed the stereo in my cube for a double din pioneer leaving me with a single din hole - does any one know the best single fin box to go in the space please ?


  • Do you mean a single-DIN "cubby hole" to fill the space? Or anything in particular? I've seen a few standardised cubby hole compartments on ebay in the past, I can't imagine there's going to be too much between them.<div><br></div><div>I'm looking to swap to a "double-DINner" as I've decided to call it. I assume it's a dead easy swap - pull out existing plastic storage (I assume it is pull out or a couple of screws?), double-DIN cage goes in, push the tabs out to hold it in place and slide the new unit in? I'm looking to go for an Android unit so I can run proper Google maps using my phone as a wifi hotspot, or TomTom if I don't want to use data.</div>
  • Yes - just a universal box - I've got one I'm told will fit on order - I've put a double din cd/DVD/dab/ Bluetooth in that I already had - no sat nav but I'll use my phone for that when I need to - none of th jap wires were standard it is s nightmare ! - finishing the install on Friday with a new mic , a new reversing cam and new dab Ariel !
  • I hope the universal one will fit, I can't imagine why it wouldn't, unless the edges where it meets the trim are a bit "indelicate" for want of a better word.<div><br></div><div>Installation sounds like fun - I thought they had ISO connectors? Oh dear, this upgrade could be more tricky than I thought! I've had to resolder a whole radio loom before, it's not so bad so long as the wires comes out far enough. Soldering in a DIN hole is no fun!</div><div><br></div><div>Running microphone and antenna cables is what I hate most. What sort of DAB antenna is it and where are you putting it? I put DAB in my old Mercedes and had a mag-mount antenna inside the spare wheel in the back. It worked surprisingly well with that as a ground plane, but the windscreen antennas I've used were completely hopeless.</div><div><br></div><div>Good luck with it, hope it works well :-)</div>
  • Universal in and fits well - srereo all done - new bluetoothbhead unit with new reversing camera - not sure what to do next ...
  • Used a stranded stick on Pioneer DAB and camera for comparability - works well
  • The Cube specific wiring converter was no where near so it was all soldered from search - now got a mic DAB and camera all working well
  • Awesome, well done! There's a good amount of space for sneaking pockets, wiring and antennas in.<div><br></div><div>I took out the JVC in mine last night and put my old Caliber DAB one. Should have read up about pulling the centre of the dash out first, spent ages trying to slide stuff down the side of the head unit only to later realise it was screwed in, doh! Need to figure out how to wire in a microphone to the top of the windscreen, and where to put a 25cm long antenna so it has a metallic ground plane but isn't visible! I am gagging to get a double-din android unit though...</div>
  • Sounds good, could be that it was already chiopped in the past or that you got sent a gen 3 harness adapter instead of a gen2 version.
  • Hi all - just got a new 2004 Cubic and lloking to put in double/single din audio unit. Being told I need an ISO converter or the loom has to be rewired. Any ideas on where an ISO can be sourced or what unit work with the existing connectors? Thanks in advance
  • if in the uk I believe connects 2 do a stereo harness adapter for the gen 2 cube. Just check the dates when looking to order.
  • I was searching around for a Nissan > ISO adapter and I found that Halfords do them for about £8.99.<div><br></div>
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