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Hi I'v just joined this forum as I quite like the cube but I could do with having look and maybe a drive in one before I commit so wondring if anyone lives around Worksop area or Harrogate (weekends) who would be willing to show me theres and hopfully let me have a drive in one (i'm 58 year old so i,m not boy racer).<div>Thanks.  </div>


  • Hi and welcome .I hope someone who has one helps you .I am 50+ and bought my one weniwas young 44 no probs till this weekend with fuel prob I have covered140000 miles and its been good
  • Hi Toaster thanks for the comments
  • Which generation are you looking at? We are having a run out from ladybower to do the oopnurthring this weekend (17th July) and I believe there will be a mix of gen 2's and 3's going. You'll be able to have a good look over the cars and see the differences in the generations as well as talk over what to look for when buying.<div><br></div><div>The meeting point is the fairholmes visitor centre (S33 0AQ) meeting at 11am for a roill out at 11:30.</div>
  • Thanks Terry managed to miss this oppertunity as for some reason I dont get emails when replies are posted.
  • Unfortunately I don't know that the forum does that. Beyond that we'll see if there isn't another event coming up you could get to and take a look around.
  • Hi I'm . If you go on full site click on your name at top of page open your profile click preferences then see if you have ticked the right boxes for emails hope this helps
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