Cube dyed carreid home

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on Sunday 256 miles to go broken down in Cardiff ..on getting home some time latter started to mend the car to find diesel in the lines .OH .checked receipt it had unleaded on it .rangers garage
to find out the garage fuel tanks had a delivery and he fill wrong tanks up so I got 40 pound worth of diesel .now trying to get my money back and some parts payment as well had to drain fuel out perge lines and tanks get more fuel and hope that my cat is ok .
It all take time but all good now


  • Fucking idiots, hope you get it sorted at their cost.
  • Thanks avit .Yes I did not need that and I am chasing them for recompense .
  • Definitely, screw them to the wall over it! That's a day of your life wasted because of a fundamental operating error on their part. Even if the damage / costs aren't that high directly, there is a lot of potential risk involved. I would go mental at them!
  • Thanks for all input .Had a email from the company and they are asking for my loss and I have told them all .so just awaiting
  • that sucks toaster! hope you get to give them a hammering!!!
  • Got payed out for their errors so that's good
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