Tempted to return...

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<div>Hi, some of you may recall I was given the unenviable title of first broken gearbox...</div><div>I am tempted to return to a cube after 6 years, 2 kids, a t4, and a cabrio bug (possibly for sale soon)...</div><div>My question is, how common is a flucke d up gearbox .....</div>


  • not very and often it can be cured by a good oil change.
  • In case you'd consider an automatic:currently selling my 2010 Kaizen, automatic, black, 40k miles. Located in London. PM me if you're interested.
  • Thanks terry, possibly getting one soon! How often do you change the oil and what oil should be used in a 2004 1.4 auto (normal)?
  • Do20i I reckon yours is going to be outta my price range! Sounds great!
  • Oil There it two types of oil for these auto have to look it up again normally the 5 speed auto box is good I personally wold keep clear of all cvt .I look tomorrow for you
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    different and total change on my one took 7 litres. Hooe this helps

    If yours is j type u can use this type but you need 7 litres.. and some were to get under car to do it
    I used (atf u) by carlube
  • Thank you, mine is going to be the 1.4auto 4speed with Od, just the basic I think? What is cvt then?
  • Got my cube! Pics when sunny! 70th anniversary II edition! All the toys I love it!!!
  • Good a return member looking forward to seeing the car s pictures.enjoy.
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