Buying a cube

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I've got about 5k to spend on a gen3 ,I'd prefer the kaisan version with the camera. Onto my problem... I don't have much spare time during the week so fast shopping is happening at weekends, I can't find a gen3 within 100 miles of me. Dealers must love them as the last 3 I've phoned up about sold within 2 days, my present car needs to go within a month so I'm stuck with either travelling a huge distance of waiting it out.<div>I'm in sheffield,Yorkshire. btw</div>


  • Cheers mate had seen the 2nd one but up in Newcastle, that's a big drive from sunny south yorkshire
  • unfortunately there are less than 1000 gen 3's left and there are only a percentage of those that are kaizens. took me several weeks to land my gen 3 and looked at a few dogs before finding my one.<div><br></div><div>Your in for a bit of a hunt unless you can find one that is at a national dealership and they will bring it to a more local branch for you. The car I bought was at a dealer in Newcastle but they transfered it to a Stoke branch for me to go and view.</div>
  • Just do the travel mate. I'm up in Durham and drove to Dudly to pick up my gen3 a couple of years ago. Granted it is a bit of a chew on, but worth it.
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    I am currently selling a 2010 Kaizen automatic, black. 40k miles, UK car. Based in London though. PM me if you're interested to learn more. Need to sell it until mid August as I am moving abroad.
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