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I am keen to buy my first Cube or Cubic as a fun second car which will do low mileage. I chatted to a couple of members at the recent Silverston Japfest and I want one! I am after an Auto and I was hoping for some general advice on where to look, what to look for, where to buy or where not to buy etc. I want as high a spec as possible but I don't know how good the auto boxes are how easy it is to get them fixed or serviced and what insurance costs. Any help is much appreciated - thanks


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    Insurance various me pay 230 fc.
    Auto box normally good strong.
    Cvt box's less stron
    Boxes get second hand cheaper than a rebuild .
    Part mostly micra /note
    Brakes some front 25£ pads
    Rears blueprint 44ish
    Disc s I paid 11£ a corner.
    Exhaust micra cubic longer still micra
    Panels well ebay and Japan
    I had my one 6 years 25000km on clock
    Have had couple problem s fuel pump and a after market alarm which i cursed about till I put a new one in
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    Thanks for replying - I'm very close to buying one - seeing one tmrw and it is 1.5CVT 2005 - it's got sat nav with the stereo - am I right in thinking you can't put UK maps on it ? I know you can fit a band extender for the stereo but I'm thinking I might just change it for a double din Dab Bluetooth with Sav - any suggestions ?
  • Depends on type stereo . I could not .so i double din .hope you'll be pleased with the cube
  • When I sell my bug I will be after another cube, but cautious of cvt, can you get cubic riders with the straight 1.4 auto?
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