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Thought I'd introduce myself as I've just joined.. Names Martin and I'm looking for a cube, know nothing about them but just fancy one as my current car has to go as its not cost effect driving to and from work...

This is what I have


Now I've seen a few on eBay 1.4 with 7 seats.. Prices vary massively.. Can anyone give me any pointers what to look for etc and common niggles and how fuel efficient they are.. All advise welcome and appreciated

Thanks in advance



  • Nice scooby Martin . fuel economic vary 30-41 on driver . on a run I get 40 and nice and smooth on the go peddle helps.
    get one 05 on as the early ones had chain problems unless it's been done.a lot of service parts are micra k12 / note . Brakes are cube/cubic only but available. And body part are in breaker's yards or Japan. The forum helps if it can also on the Facebook page as well I had my one 5 years all good so far .Enjoy and think out side of the box
  • Toaster thanks for the advice... Very informative

    This is what I'm looking at


    Does this look a good deal? Also does the cube have to be mapped for uk fuel?

  • Hi not Shaw about mapping my did not.as for cube nice looking clean car he has overs as well price reflect ed in condition and is a cube how ever a well spoken haggle is worth a talk .
  • check everythings ok before you buy as some parts are very difficult to get
    or non existant in uk.
    do your research first, if it needs anything replacing then decide if you want it
    eg! exhaust system for a gen 3 kaizen a grand to you sir, only available from main dealer if gen part.
    s/steel much cheaper if you have one made, and non gen not available at all.
    also check insurance first as some companies will not cover it as its an import.
    good luck.

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    He is looking at a gen2 ice. The exhausts are cheap all complaints at less than a 100 pounds.
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