my kaizen

well ive owned my kaizen for a couple of months now, <div>i have not put it on the road yet as i,m still driving my other car while i check over the cube</div><div>and do stuff to it.</div><div>so far, front brake pads incorrectly fitted both sides & two clips mashed.</div><div>rear pads just fitted ok but wheels stuck on disc surfaces as not lubricated with anything</div><div>this next one is a good one !</div><div>when i bought the car black vynal wrap on front edge of bonnet, didnt like it so removed it.</div><div> whoever fitted vynal wrap used a blade to cut to shape while it was stuck on bonnet</div><div>as i have a scratch the same shape right across the front edge of bonnet !</div><div>prof polisher could not get it out, currantly is covered with pinstripe till i get bonnet sprayed .</div><div>when removed reason for vynal wrap appears to be  to cover three stone chips.</div><div>think i,ll do an oil change next as whoever worked on this car for previous owner</div><div>must have been a member of clown club</div><div>still like it to bits, wheels done in satin black, yellow brake calipers, waiting for my lowering springs & wheel spacers</div><div>& i,ll put it on the road get a s/s system made for it & and get aux drive belt replaced.</div><div>keep in touch, ic1. </div>


  • forgot to tell you back box is welded to intermediate flange for some reason
    not even going to mess with it,
    reason for s/s system being fitted .
  • Sounds like the it was done at longleat they normally do just wipers and hub caps.must of move on to bigger problems .
    You will get their and enjoy the looks
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    clown club "2"<div>checked bulbs yesterday, all ok apart from- - - - - - - - -</div><div>o/s headlight bulb has no clip holding it in just the rubber boot,</div><div>thought maybe clip sprung off and was somewhere in the headlight,</div><div>removed bumper, all six bolts in speed clips broke as they were seized.</div><div>no clip in headlight anywhere ! i know a clown has been at it as bulb has glue on it.</div><div>paid £5.07 at halfrauds for speed clips & screws, got several headlight bulb retaining clips</div><div>from breakers ( free) i,m sure i can make one of them fit with a bit of modification, i,ll let you know.</div><div>dont need to say more other than i am currantly going through this car with a toothcomb !!!</div><div>ic1</div><div><br></div>
  • realised i never updated this thread, sorry!!!!
    ss exhaust done,done as per original,same size boxes bigger tubing , nice bends
    its shiny & stealthy as i did not want tailpipe to be seen poking out, sounds growly on tickover, not loud though.
    did headlight clip (plenty of bending in my vice) .
    as per my other posts wishbones /droplinks replaced (precausionary although one d/link & wishbone bush u/s)
    paint has not been done yet as i have a stg column uj to fit & its mot is due in feb next year. so paint will be done
    if nothing bad comes up at its mot.
    new genuine cube mats look cool,
    black hekko wind deflectors fitted (nice on a gen 3).
    dont know how long i can resist drilled front brake discs though.
    prob fit them same time as h&r lowering springs.
    bye for now & keep posting.
  • Hi Icecube, can you tell me more about your SS exhaust. Who made it for you and how much was it please? Many thanks. CT<br>
  • sorry for the late reply been snowed under recently<div>my exhaust was made by extreme exhausts of stafford , 2nd one i have had made(1st one for my daihatsu materia).</div><div>exhausts are made on the car mandrel bent top grade s/s not loads of welds like powerflow.</div><div>mines an intermediate & rear system made as per orig equipment.</div><div>i went for a down cranked outward rolled round tailpipe behind the bumper (hidden)</div><div>they will make what you want really.</div><div>its been on a while now and is not loud if driven normally but does growel a bit if you boot it.</div><div>price is difficult to say as i,m a previous customer i paid £</div><div>£300.00 is going rate for a s/s stillen back box these days !!!</div><div>i,ll show you it if you don,t live too far away i,m in north staffordshire </div><div>let me know,</div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • Oh cool thanks v much. Prob too far away to get to see it, am a fair way south of Bristol, but thanks for the thought and good luck with the project.<br>
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