z12 steering wheel

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just bought a cube kaizen, plastic steering wheel just wont do.<div>available from nissan i suppose but at what price?</div><div>latest micra one looks exactly the same, </div><div>anyone know ?</div><div>been to my nissan dealer, they gave me part no  48430-1fe5a for my cube, seen a late micra one on ebay </div><div>same controls etc in leather pt no 484301he3c</div><div>could the mounting splines be different ?</div><div>getting to the point of having original wheel re covered in  leather,not cheap either</div><div>thanks .</div>


  • Icecube I would go to my nearest breakers yard and ask them if you could have a look around and my be try some .
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    The Micra leather steering wheel is the one you want. The unit from the Micra Tekna is a swap I believe and that must appear in other models. The steering controls are the same as the stereo harness is the same. I don't know about plugs etc but you should be able to splice the wires if not.
  • couple of k13 micra leather ones going for reasonable money.<div>from what ive seen plugs & harnass is removable .,air bag looks the same.</div><div>its the spline to stg column that concerns me .</div><div>thanks for the quick replies.</div><div><br></div>
  • I think others have fitted Micra wheel with no issues.
  • Yes a Micra one fits ;)
  • got a mint grey leather one for £40.00 on internet.<div>fitted fine, looks great.</div><div>if anyone wants to fit one & wants advice on how to let me know.</div><div>beware!!! if you do this mod make sure you have your radio/ connect code</div><div>it has to be re input after battery has been re connected.</div><div>ic1.</div>
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