gen3 cvt gearbox relay

hi all<br>have been away for a while (not inside) my wife's cube has engine management light on and is indicating a gearbox relay fault<br>i understand that there are 3 relays-- are the all the same?<br>i also understand that this is a known fault? have spoken to Nissan dealer who tells me that he has these items on back order but will not give me the part number to enable me to chase this up with customer services<br>is the car safe to drive as this is the only car she can get into due to back problems?<br>grateful if you could help in any way or direct me on the site where i can find info<br>thanks all Les Spragg<br>


  • hi if you can locate relay write number s down and google part like that .or number relays in box and photograph then see if you have a same relay numbrr in box and swop over to prove a point then you will know were the relays go back to .hope this helps a little
  • hi toaster<br>thanks for response would you know if relays are on/in gearbox or where they may be located-perhaps in the engine bay?<br>wish i had a workshop manual this would help a lot<br>may take car to my local car electrician ti see if he can resolve the problem<br>thanks again<br>les<br>
  • Engine bay
    Also k12 workshop cds are on ebsy a great help I got k12 and note ones work great and in depth
  • Where in the world are you as I'm guessing not the UK as we have a tiny number of CVT autos and I think a dealer wouldn't know what it was let alone have seen enough cubes to have the part on back order!<div><br></div><div>You could try conatcting Peter Grice through facebook, he runs online garage tokyo and is a great source for cube parts as he can walk into a dealership and buy the part and post it to you anywhere in the world much quicker than a dealership can normally get it. just be aware that there are differences between the cubes around the world and so you need to check the part numbers match.</div>
  • hi terry<br>i am the one who sent you the scuttle cover!<br>les spragg<br>
  • Ah cool! I have a workshop manual I can send you that might help. It's for the US cube unfortunately but most parts are the same but handed although it's worth checking for the correct part number with your local dealer if you need to order stuff.
  • hi terry<br>as long as you dont need it, many thanks! <br>how much?<br>post to<br>J L  Spragg<br>4 Ysgwyddgwyn<br>Deri<br>Bargoed<br>Caerphilly<br>CF81 9HY<br>
  • hi all<br>on the scrounge<br>have mislaid my owners handbook for gen3<br>anyone with a copy they dont want?<br>les<br>
  • hi all<br>re handbook for gen 3 found it in wifes handbag!!!!!!<br>thanks<br>les<br>
  • Mines the workshop manual and it's a digital file so won't cost a penny, it's not the handbook you would have got in the car it's what the garages use when they need to work on the car, like a haines manual.
  • thanks terry<br>have logged address on earlier message<br>if you send as email aggress is<br>thanks<br>les<br>
  • aggress=address<br>les<br>
  • invite link sent
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