belt tensioners

Any idea why my 2004 cube keeps fraying and snapping alternater belts went frist time and had new one put on and the lad did it up with air gun don't no if this has done more damage sorry but Iam new to all this stuff but car is really driving me mad thanks


  • Very important to take time and double check wen fitting that the belt seats in the grooves as it can be done wrong so easily as seeing is hard be here done it .and all so how did he get a air gun on the tensioner .
  • I don't no how he got it in there but he did and the belt lasted about ten mins up the road not very happy at all. Any tips coz guna do it my self this time thanks.
  • Well here goes . Slacken tensioner centre bolt .now under alternator the tensioner adjusting bolt is well hidden I get a 12 mill socket knuckle joint Long bar and go through the holes in the front grill bit fiddly. or hand in under alternator but it's tight on space MAKE SURE YOU GET THE GROVE IN THE BELT ON RIGHT I can do pics if you like .
  • Yes please, planning to tackle this job next week due to squeaking on cold morning startups. Would be a great. How long should this job take?
  • Ok job seeing as it's Ben done before 10 2 15 mins
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    First pic slack of middle bolt three turns till pulley wobbles then pic two is of front lower bumper cooling slots .picture three is a long extention a knuckle joint or uj swivel and socket 12/13/or 14 through that hole in black plastic in pic three you can see with good light. The bolt which needs to be done unwind till you can fit belt .fit new belt and revert back.
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