Cube Rider Service Advice


First time cube owner and it's due for a service so apologies in advance for all the questions! It was a recent import when I purchased so don't have any history so want to do a comprehensive service!

Does anyone have a copy of the service schedule for me to follow?
What's the recommended engine and auto box oil?
Any good sites to get parts (filters etc) from?

I'm sure I'll have many more questions so thanks again



  • Is it a cvt box ?
  • Thanks Pinion!

    Sorry got no idea, it's a 2003 rider edition if that helps?
  • I believe both gear box options were available. It should say on the gear box oil fill plug and usually the cvt has shift buttons on the steering wheel.
  • Thanks Terry! it's definitely not the cvt then!

    What's the recommended oil for not non cvt and how much do I need?

  • Do you use facebook? we have a group on their that is linked to in the upper posts and you may get a quicker answer there unfortunately!<div><br></div><div>I own a gen 3 and have only ever written the guide for doing the CVT oil change I'm afraid. I believe the choice of oil for the Gen 2 regular auto is not as critical as the one for the CVT and it's likely to be the same as it is for the K12 micra automatic gear box but Pinion can probably help.</div>
  • Thanks Terry, I will put something on Facebook!
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