Gen 2 Cubic Camber

Thinking of adding Some camber to the Cubic (2004).<br>Could someone link me to the parts needed for the job and maybe a how to...<br>I'm confident doing the job... but every car is different... and knowledge is power :)<br><br>Many thanks<br>Chris<br><br>(think this is in wrong section... Sorry... Please move it if it is lol )<br>


  • Section seems fine, the camber isn't an easy one as it's not adjustable on the cube and cubic. Reara will need washers or shims to do as you'll have to do it behind the hub I believe. I think Peter Grice over on the facebook group sorted some shims for someone not that long ago. for the fronts you'll need to swap to coil overs that have a camber adjustment on the shock top.
  • Is it not possible to fit some camber bolts? :S<br>
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    It would appear yes but they have to come over from japan, you still need plates/washers for the rear. Talk to Peter Grice on the facebook group!
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