Cabin Air Filter Cube Cubic 2004 Rider and English Language Manual

Hi there,<br><br>Has anyone recently purchased and installed a new cabin air filter.<br>I found a guide on how to, but am still unsure which filter to buy and where from.<br>Couple of things on Ebay look right, but would appreciate your guidance/experience.<br><br>Second thing I'm looking for, and I can't remember for the life of me where I have seen the link (and cannot find it anymore) to an English translated Owners Manual for the 2004 Cube/Cubic version.<br><br>I would be very grateful for answers on both...<br>Thank you in advance<br><br>


  • English translated manuals have been rumoured to be available from a NZ company but I've not looked at them. Japanese and Russian versions are available and can be used with the pictures fine and the other alternative is the micra K12 manual as it shares a common platform and so lots of the parts are the same.<div><br></div><div>Cabin filter I have no idea I'm afraid I drive a Z12 (gen 3) and haven't done a cabin filter yet.</div>
  • Brilliant, thanks Terry!<br>That finally made me remember...found the site for the manuals again:<br><br><br>Have just sent them an enquiry, and will report back, once I hear back and/or have the manual in my hands...<br><br>Thanks again<br><br>
  • I have changed the cabin filter in my gen 2 I think I posted the part number in the post above ⤴
    Yes I did its a pitwork ay684-ns007
  • Thank you very much, Pinion. Will try and hunt that down...<br>
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