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Our Cubic has been running faultlessly for the last year. Cheap tax and insurance. The whole family loves it.
Generally I post to forums if I have a problem but as there hasn't been any I've been very quiet.
Thanks for reading.


  • Its so quiet on here these days, ive had my cube 2 years now which is the longest ive had a car ,I'm still really enjoying it
  • Yeah quiet here, Facebook seems to be most popular place  :)>-
  • our own private little corner of the web where we can come and enjoy the peace and quiet!
  • Even the sunglass's sellers don't bother anymore
  • I miss them.
  • Hi guys, it is quiet!, I pop on now and then as my wife does let me wash/fuel the cube so I technically still belong! ;o)

    Anywho, does this airbag thingy affect our gen 2 owners? I think its pre 2008 so no gen 3 issues?
  • Airbag thing? what have takata found another dodgy batch!?!?!?!
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