Poor cube mark 2

Hey cube lovers.
So I haven't really been giving my cube much attention lately :( just basic ideas but never anything else.
It's now time to give her a make over. Lol.
Guys I need help. I'm not gonna lower her. But rims wide body. Kit wise I wanna put one that would be found on other cube 2 editions.
Hid lights also can you guys help me with what break pads to use and other site and everything. Love you guys.


  • Also my near side passenger door the lock doesn't work I'm having to manually lock it from the inside any idea as to where I can get new ones. Thanks a lot guys
  • so the door locking issue will be the solenoid. There is a thread on here for the fix using an ebay part as a replacement oem nissan one isn't easy to get although you could try Peter Grice on the Facebook forum. Peter lives in Japan and is a cube exporter who is prepared to do a parts search and post them if you want to go that route.<div><br></div><div>As for the mods bit you'll struggle to find dedicated cube modification parts in the UK so again keep an eye on ebay or search the yahoo auction sites through import monster and the like.</div>
  • Hi I have a thread on pads
  • Hi terry thanks for the info. Import monsters you say. Will check it out.

    Hey toaster how long will the pads last
  • Hi well I done 140 miles not kms on two sets but I not a town driver .on average pads last 40000. Driving habits auto and a hard driver will be sorter
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