Gen 3 Tyre Recommendations

I need to replace all 4 tyres on my Gen 3 before the MOT in a few weeks. I have been looking and to go for direct replacements for the 195 55 R16 87 is more expensive than going up a size to 205s - presume there is more call for that size.<div><br></div><div>Can I up the size with no issues? Anyone got any good recommendations on brand / model at either standard size or size up? I do approx 15k miles a year, 60-70% motorway / dual carriageway driving at least. Want a decent tyre, don't want linglong ditchfinders!</div><div><br></div><div>Cheers.</div>


  • Looking at Black Circles website, there is not a lot of difference in price. About 75-80 quid each fitted.<br>Cheers,<br>
  • Size up isnt much of a problem and like most things in life you get what you pay for, I buy middle range tyres as I only do low mileage but at work I do lots so only top range tyres for me.
  • Cubeliner<br>I had new Goodyear efficientgrip tyres fitted in December 2014 and they are wearing very well, the only problem is because of the large centre web they grip hard when turning tightly around roundabouts etc. and is very noisy and you feel there is something wrong with the discs or something else - but it is the tyres causing the problem. <br>I feel these tyres are not suitable for this car.<br><br><br>
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