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  • Don't see many silver G3's, very smart.
  • Welcome mosky :)
  • I've had trouble using this forum with google chrome. Internet explorer works fine.
  • Thanks for the tip. I was using IE, so I am trying Firefox. :)<br>
  • looks to be working now for you!<div><br></div><div>Welcome along, I looked at a couple of silver cars and although landed a white in the end I was tempted just as they are a little rarer! If you use face book take a look at joining the group over there as there is lots of little bits of useful info and you tend to get a faster response on cries for help but if you plan on doing anything to individualise your cube this is the place for it as Facebook tends to loose all that stuff in the ether!</div>
  • oh and add yourself to the map!
  • edited January 2015
    Thanks Terry,  I've added my location to the map.<br>I bought the Cube from Brindley Motors in Cannock. It had less than 24000 miles on it, and came with a 12 month warranty. It is in very good condition, and so I intend to keep it as original as possible for the time being. I am tempted to get the dash rug though!  This is my first experience of a Cube, but I have had some eclectic cars in the past- Mazda Xedos 9 Miller, UMM Alter, Renault Avantime, to name a few. I have recently been driving an Audi A2 (plenty around but it's all aluminium). My family are very used to the fact that I like to have something quirky to drive around. <br>So far, I am very impressed with the space, the ride quality, and the gadgets. I love the styling, and the practicality. 12 cup holders is a bit over the top though!<br>I do about 15000 miles a year, so it has to be dependable and comfortable. I am hoping for a long relationship.<br>Cheers,  Geoff<br>
  • Hi Geoff

    Are you based near Cannock then?

    I live there with my cube and my wife has an A2 too. :)

  • Just had to google UMM Alter
  • Hi Phil,<br>I live in Chasetown.  We obviously have similar tastes :)<br>
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