Sugar Cube

Hi All

Sugar cube is now home and here are a couple of pics on the drive. Will post more l8r :D



  • looks well cool, love the crome mirrors/handles! and what is on top of the wings? lovely cube!
  • Awsome Cube dude. Like the little markers on the wings. :D
  • kool chrome on yer Cube.....looks sweet :)

  • Many thanks guys tho i cant take credit for the chrome cos it was like that wen i got it :)

    The things on the wings light up blue wen the lights are on tho the offside one dont work at the mo :(

  • Sweet ....(sorry about the pun)
    A little chrome stick arial would set it off( or a silver one like i fitted), and you can put your original one away for safekeeping.

  • Thanks Mike it was talkin to you and the other guys at Fig09 that made me want one of these Cube beasts :D What have i got into? lol

    We now have a Figgy and a Cube on the drive too ;)

    PS i hope i've not nicked someones name for their cube :-//
  • (quote)We now have a Figgy and a Cube on the drive too ;)

    Copy cat, first Mike then you!!!!! X-D X-D X-D

    By the way Sugar looks great!
  • Welcome, will look out for you when i'm over that way. :)

    Try and find a couple more local owners and we can start some regular Midlands meet ups.
  • Hello from across the pond

    I to have a sugarcube or sugrqub :-D

    Nice to meet you all and wow how different your version is.

  • Yeah. X-D . The version the most british Cube owners have is the Generation 2 and yours is the generaion 3. Which is due to come out here next year I think. :)
  • Hi Thats cool nice to meet sugars relatives from other lands X-D

  • It appears like i have stolen another members name for thier Cube. Sorry sugarcube ;)

    New name needed

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