gen3 2009 27k auto sideswiped probably written off

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hi all<br>what should i do?<br>my wifes cube was sideswiped by a whitevan man and looks as if it may be written off<br>options-take the money<br>buy back vehicle and repair<br>request replacement vehicle<br>any thoughts anyone?<br>i think it is repairable but ins co tend to write vehicles off if near to value<br>i estimate the value at about 6500{retail}  and reckon the repair will be around 3000<br>does anyone have a gen3 auto for sale?<br>if so details please<br>les spragg<br><br>


  • Sorry to hear that..<br><br>Repair might be possible but the problems are:<br>a. Structural strength might be compromised. This is important check it out.<br>b. the value of the vehicle will go down and the money you spend fixing will never be recovered.
  • If they are offering the right money then take it and buy another one. There are usually a few Gen3s on autotrader.
  • thanks folks<br>will prob go down road of acceptibg offer and look forr a new cube<br>les<br>
  • If you can get to it before it disappears I don't suppose I could nab the little plastic caps that are located in the plastic cowl the windscreen wipers fix through could I? They cover the rear strut mount bolt are about 2" square (but are not completely square) and it's the one at the end on the drivers side I'm most after. be willing to give you a few quid and pay shipping.
  • Either that or if your on the face book group at all David Collinge rebuilt a red gen3 that was a front end right off with parts from Polish ebay so he may be worth a talk to.
  • hi terry <br>will have a look at what you want and let you know the result<br>les<br>
  • TERRY<br>hi  have got the 2x2 plastic cover- tapered in on one side<br>looking from the front of the car it is to the left of the wiper o/s spindle<br>cannot photo it as this is beyond my brain<br>let me have your address<br>email if you need privacy<br><br>les<br>
  • You've got mail!
  • Hell I'll pay him handsomely for it as bloody Nissan don't sell it separately and mines been missing for a while now!
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