Gen 3 cracked rear lamp cluster

Where best to purchase a part like this? And what might one expect to pay?


  • Proberly only a main dealer, I needed a front headlamp it went back ordered so tried fleabay, find a part etc now't about so waited for dealer part to arrive. Could try german fleabay?
  • I had to go main dealer for mine, in the territory of £100 from memory but what ever it was there was all of £10 difference between the main dealer list price and a salvaged unit from ebay. If your on facebook could try the australian cube owners club and a guy called Peter Grice who lives in Japan and ships bits over for folks. You'de be looking at a fairly long delivery time but you might save some cash. 
  • Thank you!<div><br></div>
  • smoz<br>i have a written off gen 3<br>where are you in the country<br>i am in south wales<br>you could swap lamp<br>les<br>
  • We had a cracked rear lens on our Gen3 Cube - the lens is part of the light cluster, so you'll need a replacement part. Went to Nissan for ours, it was about £120. Straightforward to fit.
  • There is a guide to swapping them on the facebook page as it's included on the how to light the side markers guide.
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